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Recruitment Process

1. Requirement Gathering

Understanding the nature and type of the project / brief job profile, relevant Skills sets TAT.

2. Sourcing Candidates

Based on client Specifications from our Databank / headhunting from other similar sources.

3. Sourcing (Pre-Qualification)

Analysis of candidates in the area of Communication, Technical Knowledge, Attitude, Cultural Fit.

4. First and second set of CV's

Suitable CV's are shared with the client according to SLA

5. Closing

On selection of Candidates

6. Placement

When the Client raises PO for Pinegreen

Recruitment & Selection

Resume Short listing

Personal Interview


SLA(s) Tracker Typical Timeline
1st Set of Resume Presentation / Submission 12-24 Hours
1st Set of Resume Presentation / Submission 24-48 Hours
Followup, Interview 24-48 Hours
Interview (Telephone/In Person) 48-72 Hours
HR / Background Check Up to the Company
On Boarding Up to the Company


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